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Have you been affected by hurricane Sandy?
Did you know that new estimates place east coast damages totaling more than $10 billion?

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Hurricane Sandy affected thousands of New Yorkers, and the aftermath of the storm is just beginning to show even more horrific events. With so many people homeless, without food, water, and shelter, it’s no secret that help is a necessity. At Goldman & Associates law firm, our every hurricane Sandy attorney can help you seek the financial compensation that you deserve in the form of a lawsuit or insurance claims. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about any of the following, it may be time to seek help:

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about the above questions, you must contact our law firm to better understand how we can help you. Victims of hurricane Sandy need to begin filing their insurance claims in order to receive the correct amount that they deserve. The New York government has recently deemed that victims of Sandy will NOT need to pay a hurricane deductible to collect their insurance payout, which is wonderful news for homeowners with insurance, as it will save thousands of dollars.

However, with estimated damages close to $20 billion, reports are beginning to surface regarding whether or not insurance companies will have enough money to pay out to those who rightfully deserve it. To ensure that you’re able to rebuild your home and life, contact Goldman & Associates right now to begin filing your claims or lawsuit.

How Can We Help?

If you’ve been struggling with finding the best hurricane Sandy lawyer in New York, look no further. At Goldman & Associates law firm, our every hurricane Sandy attorney understands that you have a need to be met with sophisticated outcomes. During your free legal consultation, we’ll help you with all of the following, including:

Our every hurricane Sandy lawyer realizes that the victims of this horrific disaster need proper help and attention right now. If you’d like to speak with a hurricane Sandy lawyer at absolutely no cost to you, please contact Goldman & Associates law firm today.

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Beware of “Sandy Scams”

With thousands and thousands of victims affected by hurricane Sandy, it’s unfortunate that some would try to take advantage of people who have lost everything. Reports of fraudulent insurance companies and law firms attempting to solicit money from victims to ensure that they’re met with the correct payouts have already begun to surface.

At Goldman & Associates law firm, our every hurricane Sandy lawyer is disgusted by the fact that people would do such things, and we encourage you to report any fraudulent companies to your local authorities. If you’d like to receive accurate and honest help relating to how you can recover your assets, seek financial compensation, and file your insurance claims, please contact our law firm right now to schedule your initial consultation at no cost to you.

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To better understand how you can go about collecting the proper insurance payouts or to file a lawsuit, it’s important to contact a hurricane Sandy attorney as soon as possible to begin working toward a solution for your legal matter. At Goldman & Associates law firm, our every hurricane Sandy lawyer is proud to offer legal financing options available to any client in need. We know that you’re going through a tough time, and we want to help.

To learn more about what our law firm can do for you, contact a hurricane Sandy lawyer from our law office today to schedule your free legal consultation. Remember, the longer you wait to put off your insurance claims could negatively affect your case in the long run. With so many needing assistance, it’s been purposed that insurance companies could run dry. To ensure that you and your loved ones are protected, please contact our law firm to schedule your initial consultation right now.